Care and Maintenance

Made using the highest quality aluminium extrusions, the KlassicView range of residential
windows and doors do require a moderate amount of care and maintenance to
function at an optimal level and retains its modern and clean appearance.

All KlassicView systems have been subjected to extensive testing and are highly
resistant to corrosion and rusting, if cleaned regularly.

External windows and doors need to be cleaned regularly to help them stay free
of contaminants, pollutants and debris.

Clean your external windows and doors with clean warm water and a mild
non-abrasive detergent and rinse with warm water. A soft sponge of soft-bristled
brush should be used to avoid scratching the window and door frame surface.

We recommend regular cleaning take place every 3 months, however, if you live
in a coastal or industrial environment, we advise cleaning take place once a month.