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The KlassicView range of residential windows and doors are the ideal choice for modern architectural requirements. KlassicView meets performance specifications as well as current design trends.
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Google & Seo Optimised
Responsive on all Devices
Flexible & Future Ready
Easy to Edit
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The KlassicView™ range consists of:


Corrosion Resistant
Australian Designed & Engineered
Dynamic Impact Tested
Easy to Fabricate and Install
Large Panels with Taut Mesh
Made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
Bushfire Rated tested to BAL 40
Tested to Australian Standards AS 5039-2008
Steel Mesh
KlassicView Security Screen edge

Our Projects

Hillside Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions

KlassicView Stainless Steel Security Mesh System
Fabricating a KlassicView Security Door in less than 16 minutes!

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